Available E-book Fonts from Agfa Monotype

This is just a sampling of some of the world's most popular book typefaces that Agfa Monotype offers to e-book developers and publishers through a new, extended licensing program.

E-book Font Licence

Book designers and publishers understand the important role that typefaces serve in both providing optimal readability and setting the proper tone for the author’s message. For an e-book, the font becomes even more important; to either match the print version or to create a stylistic and highly legible on-screen reading experience.

Font embedding capabilities will become standard features within e-book authoring environments and will enable the highest degree of typographic control by including the actual font data in the document. This will ensure that readers see exactly what the designer intended.

To address the needs of publishers who want to embed fonts into e-books, Agfa Monotype is introducing a simple and low-cost font licensing model for e-books.

The Agfa Monotype E-book Font Licence provides the necessary licensing rights to embed fonts into e-book products for commercial distribution. The licence is designed to be easy to manage and cost-effective, with three options available: per unit, paid-up for each title, and an annual license fee. The per-unit option takes into consideration the early market nature of e-books where publishers may not achieve significant revenues until this market ramps up.

About the Agfa Monotype
font library

With over 100 years of history, the Agfa Monotype font library is the paramount resource for designers and publishers. There are over 2800 fonts available in three separate collections:

Creative Alliance Exclusives Library – over 700 original typefaces exclusively licensed by Agfa Monotype from the best & brightest type designers and cutting-edge independent foundries from around the world; designs guaranteed to unleash new creative possibilities.

Monotype Classics Library – a vital collection of over 1000 typefaces that are widely recognised as some of the most important typefaces ever developed. Monotype Classic fonts are renowned by book publishers for their integrity in print, and provide the highest quality for on-screen display for electronic publications.

ITC Typeface Library – over 1100 exceptional typefaces with designs ranging from classic to contemporary, including distinctive display faces and inventive illustration fonts. The ITC library is one of the world’s most popular typeface collections, and remains a must-have resource for designers.

Custom Font Development Services

Agfa Monotype has created custom typefaces for many leading publishing companies such as Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, New Yorker Magazine, Scholastic and WorldBook; advertising and branding agencies such as Landor Associates, Newell Sorrell and Temerlain McClain; and developers of software and hardware products like Apple, Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and many others. With the industry’s largest type development and engineering staff, Agfa Monotype can provide the most extensive array of custom font services including speciality character sets, multilingual solutions, high quality hinting, and specialised software and hardware implementations.

Frequently Asked Questions about E-book Font Licences

Why do I need Agfa Monotype fonts for e-books?
For over 100 years, book designers and publishers have sought out the fine craftsmanship and design versatility of the Agfa Monotype font libraries for print books. In an e-book typography plays a critical role in ensuring legibility and readability, thus font selection becomes increasingly important. The Agfa Monotype font library contains over 2700 high quality fonts to choose from, giving book designers and publishers a wide creative range to establish the appropriate “personality ” to the e-book.

Which e-book formats support font embedding?
Currently only the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader and Adobe Acrobat E-Book Reader support font embedding, as this is a feature of the PDF file format. Other environments are expected to support font embedding in the future.

What if I want a custom font for my e-books?
Agfa Monotype is a leading custom font development company with the industry’s largest staff of type designers and font software engineers. If you have any custom font needs for print, e-books, web or other applications, contact the Agfa Monotype sales staff at +44 (0)1737 765959 for a free consultation.

I purchased a font library for our design department, can’t I use those
fonts in e-books?

Just as publishers need to obtain permission from their authors and artists to distribute their works electronically, publishers need a separate licence to embed fonts into commercial e-books. Agfa Monotype, like most other type companies, licences fonts for in-house use on a set number of workstations (typically five). The End User Licence Agreement that is included with every font software package does not allow the redistribution of the font data, such as when fonts are embedded into e-books.

Why is an e-book different than a printed book?
The difference is that e-books are software products which, in the event that you embed fonts, include the proprietary font software within your e-book software product. To include Agfa Monotype font software in a commercial software product you require a font licence that grants such distribution rights.

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