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Agfa MonotypeTM Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Agfa® Corporation, is a highly recognized leader in fonts and font technology and an innovator in color and screening technologies. Agfa Monotype's font and color expertise stems from the integration of some of the oldest and most respected graphic imaging and typographic companies in the world. Agfa Gevaert, the parent company, is a recognized leader of high-end imaging solutions. Monotype® Typography, acquired by Agfa Corporation in 1998, has been a highly recognized developer of typographical systems with over 100 years dedicated to font development. International Typeface® Corporation (ITC), acquired this year, is known as an international leader in typeface design and marketing. Agfa Monotype Corporation represents a rich conglomeration of these companies' history, technology, people, and products.

Agfa Monotype offers the largest and most comprehensive library of typefaces available in the world, with broad expertise in all aspects of custom font design for corporate identity, and font technology development used in a variety of print, publishing, and new media applications. It is the recognized source for multi-language solutions, UnicodeTM implementation, consumer font products, high-quality custom type design, font rasterization, font compression and embedded type solutions as listed in our Web site,

Additionally, Agfa Monotype has adapted Agfa's high-end color technology, originally created for the printing and publishing industries, for the office environment. Its color and screening solutions include ICC color profiles, color management systems, and color and screening tool kits. Agfa Monotype is sensitive to its OEM customer needs for high-quality, reliable products that can be configured to various size and performance requirements.

Agfa Monotype customers encompass a diverse group of users:

  • Printer manufacturers who require embedded fonts, font technologies, and color and screening solutions for their printer products
  • Developers of software operating systems and software applications that require typographic solutions that overcome technical challenges and improve the look of text used for print and screen applications
  • Developers of information appliances and interactive TVs that need high quality text on screen
  • Professional graphic designers and corporate design firms that use fonts, custom type services, and royalty-free photos

    Headquartered in Wilmington, Massachusetts, Agfa Monotype staff of 125 employees is dispersed throughout the world in locations that include Chicago, Palo Alto, London, and Japan. Its fonts, font technologies and color technologies are distributed worldwide through direct and indirect channels.

    Mission Statement
    Our vision is to be the leading developer of fonts and font technologies for a wide spectrum of communication technology providers including printer OEMs, ISVs, and professional graphic designers. We will also be a leading supplier of color technologies, digital content, and associated software products for the home, office, print, Internet and new media applications.

    Technology and Solutions
    Font Technology | Agfa Monotype has over 10 years of experience developing font technologies that use less memory, improve performance and produce the highest quality type in the industry. The Agfa Monotype patented Universal Font Scaling Technology® (UFST) and MicroTypeTM Compression technology are implemented in desktop printers, ITV (Interactive Television), wireless devices, and in low-resolution displays. The Agfa Monotype Asian Compression for TrueTypeTM (ACT) technology provides Asian TrueType font compression to maintain the highest quality in Asian characters.

    Type Development | Agfa Monotype has over 100 years of experience developing superior typographic solutions for print, publishing, and new media environments. Recently, Agfa Monotype's staff of highly skilled typographic engineers and designers created Enhanced Screen QualityTM TrueType® fonts that have been optimized for use on low resolution displays found in hand held devices such as PDA's, cell phones, and pagers.

    With its WorldTypeTM UnicodeTM solutions, Agfa Monotype is now the only font company in the world to have produced fonts with full Unicode 3.0 character set coverage. The Unicode character-encoding standard was designed to allow the global interchange of multilingual digital information, supporting over 49,000 characters. Agfa Monotype's WorldType font solutions give developers the option of subdividing these large fonts into smaller more manageable Unicode modules based on linguistic, regional or other specialized requirements.

    Color Technology | As an industry leader in the high-end graphic arts market, Agfa Monotype has invested many years of research and development in the areas of color and screening technologies. Agfa Monotype has made this technology available to printer manufacturers to integrate into their printer driver or ROM. Additionally, Agfa Monotype has developed OEM color and digital halftoning tool kits to simplify the integration process. All Agfa Monotype products provide quality results and offer flexible solutions.

    Custom Software | Agfa Monotype has developed "create and print" software applications for ink jet and laser printers targeted at the consumer and SOHO markets. These applications implement the customer's brand and logo to enhance their printer or media solution. The software is available for a variety of home and business printing projects including greeting cards, business cards, photo calendars and t-shirts.

    Publishing Solutions | Agfa Monotype Studio offers a variety of software products for professional graphic design, desktop publishing, and home and office markets. These products are available through their catalog and Web site, In addition to the Creative Alliance font library, products such as royalty-free stock photos, application-specific plug-ins, and corporate custom font solutions are available for home or office delivery.

    Partners | Agfa Monotype has partnered with and licensed its solutions to such market leaders as Adobe®, Apple®, Canon®, Hewlett-Packard®, Hong Kong Telecom, IBM®, Lexmark®, Microsoft®, MINOLTA-QMSTM, Oki® Data, PowerTV®, Sun® Microsystems, and Xerox®.

    Service and Support | Agfa Monotype provides worldwide customer service from its locations in the US, Europe, and Japan locations.

    Associations | Agfa Monotype is a member of the W3C (Worldwide Web Consortium), the ICC (International Color Consortium), IEEE, IS&T, and GATF organizations. Agfa Monotype remains a key member and frequent contributor to the Unicode® Consortium.

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    United Kingdom office: +44 (0)1737 765959
    US office: 978.658.5600
    Japan office: (81) 3-5704-3141

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